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Sleep anxiety is a thing of the past with the power of mindful sound.

Cheaper than Netflix. Better for your mind and body.


Solfeggio frequencies crafted by expert yogis.

Unlock unlimited access to our exclusive yogi-crafted Solfeggio frequencies.


The Solfeggio frequencies are ancient sonic vibrations, known for their profound healing properties.


Each frequency corresponds to a specific energy center in your body, helping to align your chakras and bring about a sense of balance and inner peace.


Our expert yogis have fine-tuned these frequencies to ensure they resonate perfectly with your energy centers.


Ancient sonic codes designed to align your energy centers, foster healing, and restore balance. It's not just music, it's science attuned to your well-being.

human voice for resting.jpg

Dive into tranquil slumber with our sleep induction meditations. Expertly crafted to guide your mind towards rest, these sessions blend science and serenity for your deepest, most restorative sleep yet.


Embrace the healing power of the human voice.

Explore an extensive library of sleep induction meditations.


These meditations have been carefully curated and designed to help guide you into a state of deep relaxation, facilitating your journey into a peaceful sleep. With a variety of guided sessions to choose from, you can find the perfect meditation to suit your needs, whether you're struggling with insomnia or simply looking for a more restful night's sleep.

Options available with music and without.


White/Brown noise

Also included in your subscription is access to 8-hour cycles of white and brown noise.


These sounds have been scientifically proven to promote better sleep by masking disruptive background noises and creating a soothing environment conducive to rest. With these long-duration soundscapes, you'll have the perfect backdrop for sleep, work, or any activity that requires concentration.


These soundscapes, scientifically designed to mask disruptive noise, create a serene environment perfect for rest, relaxation, and focus. Tune into tranquility today.

Don't let another sleepless night go by.


You are a click away from resting better tonight and every night for less than a Starbucks a week.

Online shopping. Local business.

Resting Store LLC is owned and operated by a family of sleep fanatics based in Utah. When you shop here, you're supporting a main street business with the convenience of online shopping. We thank you for your business.


This band of loving goofballs works hard every day to provide the very best quality, high-tech sleep products, with fast shipping from fulfillment centers within the United States. Wherever possible, we even sell products that are made in the United States.


From our family to yours, please enjoy the best possible rest.

Joe, Molly, Scarlett, Elijah and Jojo Rawlins

Are you finding what you really need?
Or what can we do to help you rest?

Product Offer
indica dreams.jpeg

Indica Dreams Full Spectrum
Night Formula 750 mL

Made from the Indica strain of the hemp plant, and is best for supporting calm and sleep.

Supplier Policy

All standard products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee for new and unopened products based on the delivery date as provided by the shipper. To receive a refund or to return products please contact customer support. For all products in excess of 30 days are considered final.

Science Lab

Every batch is tested 3x, including once after bottling for potency, safety, and THC levels.

Germinated Plant

CO2 extracted: You can trust our CBD oil to be safe for the environment and for you.

Spa and Wellness

100% hemp-derived.

We guarantee there’s less than 0.3% THC in every drop.

Pipette Dropper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil carrier: Savor the light flavor and consistency.


Whole-plant benefits with full-spectrum CBD: Absorb all the natural goodness of the hemp plant.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Say goodbye to ineffective pharmaceutical sleep aids and hello to natural, holistic relief with our CBD Tincture.


Nature's own secret to brain wellness should not be controversial.

CBD is a proven natural solution that:

  • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety

  • May help reduce inflammation and pain

  • Can improve sleep quality and duration

  • May alleviate symptoms of depression

  • Is a natural alternative to traditional medications with fewer side effects


You can't afford to be exhausted.

Sleeplessness can have drastic impact on your financial security:


Reduced work performance: Sleep deprivation has been linked to decreased productivity, increased errors, and impaired decision-making at work (Kessler et al., 2011; Lim & Dinges, 2010).


Poor work performance may affect your job security, promotions, and overall career growth.

Kessler, R. C., Berglund, P. A., Coulouvrat, C., Hajak, G., Roth, T., Shahly, V., ... & Walsh, J. K. (2011). Insomnia and the performance of US workers: results from the America Insomnia Survey. Sleep, 34(9), 1161-1171.

Lim, J., & Dinges, D. F. (2010). A meta-analysis of the impact of short-term sleep deprivation on cognitive variables. Psychological Bulletin, 136(3), 375-389.

Increased health care costs: Chronic sleeplessness has been associated with various health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health issues (Cappuccio et al., 2010; Baglioni et al., 2011). These health issues can lead to increased medical expenses and potentially affect your financial security.

Cappuccio, F. P., D'Elia, L., Strazzullo, P., & Miller, M. A. (2010). Sleep duration and all-cause mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies. Sleep, 33(5), 585-592.


Baglioni, C., Battagliese, G., Feige, B., Spiegelhalder, K., Nissen, C., Voderholzer, U., ... & Riemann, D. (2011). Insomnia as a predictor of depression: a meta-analytic evaluation of longitudinal epidemiological studies. Journal of Affective Disorders, 135(1-3), 10-19.


Impulsive financial decisions: Sleep deprivation has been shown to impair decision-making, particularly in situations that involve risks and rewards (Venkatraman et al., 2007; Killgore et al., 2008).


Poor decision-making can lead to impulsive spending, inadequate financial planning, and reduced ability to make sound investment choices.

Venkatraman, V., Chuah, Y. M., Huettel, S. A., & Chee, M. W. (2007). Sleep deprivation elevates expectation of gains and attenuates response to losses following risky decisions. Sleep, 30(5), 603-609.

Killgore, W. D., Balkin, T. J., & Wesensten, N. J. (2008). Impaired decision making following 49 hours of sleep deprivation. Journal of Sleep Research, 17(1), 3-10.

Considering these factors, addressing sleeplessness is essential not only for your overall health and well-being but also for maintaining financial security.

indica dreams.jpeg

Don't let another sleepless night go by.


Take action now and try our CBD Tincture for a more restful, rejuvenating sleep. Order today and experience the benefits of natural, holistic relief.

Try It Risk-Free

Take back your life, completely risk-free!

Try your first order and if it doesn't work for you, return it for a refund within 30 days.

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